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Arctic White

Named Arctic White as our brand, we eager to provide the most pure tea just like water source from Arctic to each customer for their every bite.  


The inspiration came from one of the travel experience of the founder, Arctic Norway. 

He was fascinated and mind-blowing after drinking the water at glacier area, since then, he defined water in a totally different perspective.


The perfect ending of each piece of tea leaf is combining with pure water. Water can live without tea whereas tea can not live without water. The proportion of water in each cup of tea 

accounts for 95%, water is the soul of a cup of tea, it is water that gives tea life.

Using minimalist as our main style to design the product package and decoration is trying to deliver the idea that simple colour can highlight its quality and texture easily, coffee and tea either. The founder insist to chose the most authentic tea and high standard proportion of every drinks that customer can’t live without it.



11AM - 9PM




WEBSITE: Arctic White Australia


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