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Quick Beverages To Catch After Lunch

Madam Chai Malaysian

Experience Sydney’s newest Malaysian eatery, Madam Chai, specialising in the authentic flavours of Malaysia. Here you'll find your traditional Malaysian eats, but if you're a fan of Malaysian drinks, Madam Chai will have you looked after.

Coco Tea

Fresh tea, milk tea, fruit tea, yogurt drink, coffee and other beverage products to quench your bubble tea thirst. We recommend the yogurt series on their menu.


Gong Cha aims to provide the best quality tea and beverages to its customers. Find only the best natural, healthy, freshly brewed tea and beverages with a refreshing taste. We recommend any drinks from the top 10 list of best sellers.

Yakiniku Yokocho

Carrying the Japanese culture from Japan to Sydney, you'll find traditional Japanese vending machines with your favourite Japanese sodas for the price of $1!

Quench your thirst at the above participating food retailers any day of the week!

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