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Combining, buying and selling. The Parks Sydney specialises in sharing the latest news in fashion. 

The Parks is Doctor Insole's (TM) sneaker market place. Doctor Insole had visions of creating the most dedicated and professional sneaker platform since 2005. With over 12 years of experience and is the most seasoned sneaker pros from the Australiasia region. 

The Park's goal is to establish a unique and dedicated platform to share with their fans including the latest news and trends in the sneaker industry. Not only is the Parks a market place where you can obtain your most wanted sneakers, but it is also a social space where all sneakerheads, seasoned or young can come together and share their stories. 

We are not just a market place, we integrate fashion with daily living, we are The Parks.


12PM - 6:30PM DAILY


0451 990 523

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